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Frequency to Fulfillment

February 24 & 25, 2024

9:00am - 1:00pm CST each day on Zoom

Does it currently feel like you’re navigating a significant transition in your life? You don’t really know what it means yet, but there’s a yearning… a longing… a desire to take back control of your own happiness? Look no further than Frequency to Fulfillment, coming to you LIVE in February!

Frequency to Fulfillment (or F2F) is a two-day virtual, immersive experience designed with the intention of holding space to ignite a newfound confidence within yourself so that you very clearly start to understand that YOU are the key to your own fulfillment.

From thought-provoking discussions with our keynote speakers, to meditation, breathwork, and integrative assignments, F2F will guide you on this journey. Our keynote speakers? Oh, they’re everyday people just like you who want to share invaluable insights, but most importantly, practical tools to move through life's transitions with grace and resilience. Sometimes it just feels good to know that you’re not alone.

Join a community of like-hearted individuals who are also ready to create a life filled with purpose and joy. Connect with fellow attendees, share experiences, and build lasting relationships that will support you on your path to personal growth. Remember, your happiness is in your hands, but it feels pretty amazing when a group of strangers become united towards elevating their way of life knowing it will have a lasting impact on the greater good.

You can now join Frequency to Fulfillment for just $77.77!!

This price is jam-packed with so much value, including your reservation at the event and private Facebook group, plus access to all replay videos and materials. Join us today -- you'll be glad you did!

Why Frequency to Fulfillment?

You get to show up just as you are! We will honor and acknowledge where life has brought you. Throughout this experience, we will create checkpoints where you will get to live with intention, and perhaps for the first time, get to embody what this means for you!

Hear from a group of individuals who have gone through big moments in their lives, and found a way to embrace the lessons vs. dwell on how it affected them. Gain insight on how you can instill trust in your own intuition and bust through fear, doubt, and judgment of the self.

After bringing it all together, and feeling the resonance within your soul, you get to invite in a choice on how you want to make an impact. By integrating these new tools and techniques that you'll learn, your personal growth will reach new heights and a sense of freedom.

You may be wondering...

Why is this event two separate days? Two words: Integrative Support. F2F will include teachings from a variety of leaders, coaches and guides, all with different backgrounds and perspectives. As a participant, you will be able to absorb all of these learnings from each day and begin to integrate your healing on your own time. Having an overnight "break" within this event schedule is an invitation for you to reflect. This devoted time for yourself will help to create coherence, safety and support in your journey as you open up to share your experiences. Support from our host and speakers will also be made available to process what you are feeling.

What if I cannot attend this event live? Event dates do not always align to everyone's calendar, but please do not be discouraged. If you are being called to join F2F, but may not be able to attend Live, this event will be recorded. Replay videos and all event materials, will be distributed via email after each day of the event to everyone who purchased a ticket. You will have access to the energy of F2F, even if you're unable to be there Live and in person.

Meet Your Host

Rachel Marie Degen

Hey there!! My name is Rachel and I am the Founder of Explore Self & Soul and visionary behind Frequency to Fulfillment. I am a Soulistic Guide here to help you build a deeper relationship with your self and your soul through all facets of life - spiritual, emotional, physical, etc.

After experiencing a personal health scare in 2021, I felt as though I was presented an opportunity to evaluate the priorities of my life. Breathwork, energy work, and other somatic practices were shown as pathways for me to heal myself and help others. As my body started to speak to me more clearly, it became evident that my story is meant to be shared of how I did not let my ailments define my life.

I cannot wait to experience F2F with you! This virtual event came to me as a literal wake-up-call at the wee hours of the night, and when that happens, I know it is going to be something special and led by a power greater than me. Greater than all of us! So please believe that you are here for a reason.

I will also be joined by three {3} other amazing humans for this special event. See who they are below!

I am sending you SO MUCH love xx

Meet Our Guest Speakers

Courtney Cox, Intuitive Coach

Beautiful souls, my name is Courtney. I have many different sides and energies that create the person I am today. I am a child of nature and a wild animal on my best days. I am one who loves to laugh, change the world around me, change the world inside of me, develop new skills and connect with spirits of all kinds.

I fell in love with yoga, gardening, journaling, tarot, the moon cycles and allowed all of it to be a catalyst for so much healing and growth in my life. Now I take in account ALL the things that were a catalyst for my growth; including the dark days, the guilt, the addictions, the disappointment and disapproval. After many years of listening to the voices in my head and leaving my higher self behind, I had enough. I committed myself to speaking, finding and living my truth.

Embodying my truth and loving myself is now how I help others live a life that they don’t have to run from anymore. Holding space for others and guiding them to find their truth and connect and understand their intuition absolutely warms my heart. I love what I do and I’m absolutely grateful to share it with you.

Marsha Kreho, Spiritual Advisor

Hello, my name is Marsha, and I am an intuitive and psychic medium. My personal journey has been marked by significant life challenges that have acted as catalysts for my personal growth. Through this journey of personal growth and spirituality, I have come to realize that my happiness is deeply connected to following my heart and living authentically.

Therefore, my work goes beyond traditional readings. It is a gateway to something deeper within ourselves. I have realized that my purpose is to help others discover what has always been within them - their truth, their authenticity.

The contrast of my own life experiences has given me the empathy necessary to guide others towards self-love and the unconditional love of Spirit.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower others to align themselves with their authentic selves. Even in the face of challenges such as limited resources or personal struggles, there are steps we can take in the present moment to better align ourselves. Whether it's creating more time for self-care or seeking balance in our lives, it's important not to succumb to the belief that there is no way out. By aligning with our intuition, we tap into our own magic and discover the power to create worlds.

I am excited to share this empowering message with you and help you realize the incredible potential within yourself!

Heidi Koll, Transformational Coach

Hello, my name is Heidi. I am a coach, guide and companion to those on their journey of resilience and transformation. Today, I am living my dream: I am whole and at peace. My healing journey, however, was a long, winding and rocky road.

Events early in my life set the stage for keeping expectations low and playing small. They became a direct reflection of who I was and what I deserved in life. I was overwhelmed by my emotions, and the emotions of those around me, feelings of guilt, shame and unworthiness. Simply put, there was a hole in my soul that I tried to fill with everything and anything ... food, alcohol, money and other people's opinion of me. I was lost and walked in darkness until I was ready to acknowledge my pain and grief. Through this I learned the value in stillness, silence, and reflection. The path was designed to reveal the skills, resilience, and hard-won wisdom I gained from those experiences.

Now, I know they were meant to build me up, not tear me down. They were meant to show me my strengths, not reveal my weaknesses. Today, I have a true understanding that healing is about resilience and transformation! I am passionate about guiding beautiful souls on their journey of reliance and transformation!